Flying Tigers

So I'm a big fat liar and I have yet again avoided blogging for a year. I recently cleaned out my email and found a lot of old conversations with other bloggers and fashion sites. It was pretty sad to see how motivated I was back then compared to now. But here is a long time no see post.

I stole this jacket from my dad's closet after my style changed drastically. When I look back at my old posts I cringe a thousand times and wonder how I ever wore dresses. These Vans have not left my feet all semester and my head has been covered with caps almost every single day. It was really fun doing photoshoot sessions with my friend Christina (@thewongproject). Feeling really rusty, but hopefully I'll make 2016 the year I get back into blogging.

Thanks for reading after my very long hiatus!

Joomi Park

Mock Neck Top - Zara | Disco Pants - American Apparel | Necklace - H&M

Photo credits: Christina Wong