Camo Jacket - Forever 21 // Pleather Shorts - H&M // Sandal Wedges - Payless // 
Sunglasses - Forever 21

So I recently got a tattoo... correction: an air brush tattoo. Haha, there was a booth at a festival I went to yesterday, so my friend and I got "tattoos" and managed to fool a whole bunch of people. Although this wouldn't be what I'd actually get if I were to get tatted, I thought a lion would be fitting since I'm a Leo. It also reminded me a lot of Cara Delevinge's lion tattoo on her index finger! 
Aside from fake tattoos (sorry to all my friends who thought I was a total badass, I swear I'm getting one in the future, though) these sunglasses are my everything. I look like I have bug eyes but it just makes me love them even more. They conceal my eyes completely and I can't get over how the lens go from purple/pink to yellow/green. They're honestly a bit out of my comfort zone, but spring/summer is a good time to just try funky trends.
Joomi Park.