Plenty of Pleather

Cheap Monday Tank - Gift // Biker-style Jacket - H&M // 
Pleather Shorts - H&M // Creepers - T.U.K.

Just a short post to let you guys know that I am still alive! 
I have somewhat of an obsession with pleather, so to match up the pleather lapels and shoulder detailing on the jacket, I paired it up with pleather shorts. The cool thing about the shorts is that the front and back are different fabrics - a unique twist that I love. I received this amazing Cheap Monday Tank from my friend Grace, and I can't thank her enough. (Cheap Monday - especially their jeans - are to die for).

I'm also really happy to announce that I am now a Teen Vogue Fashion Click Blogger! You can check out their site here! Surprisingly my blog came up a lot this week between friends and teachers, and it feels so rewarding to know that I have a lot support over something I love to do. 

I hope everyone stays warm!
Joomi Park.

P.S. The biker jacket is now on sale for $25! It's a product I definitely recommend, and it's such a steal, considering it used to be $60.


  1. Hi! I know this is so random, but I had your jacket, and lost it yesterday, and am absolutely desperate to find another one! You look so tiny that I assume you are a size 2, as am I, so if you are ever interested in selling the jacket please email me at (the biker-style)

    1. I don't think I'll be selling it any time soon, but if the day comes, I'll be sure to email you!