Cross My Heart And Hope To Bedazzle

Gray High Low Tank - Forever 21 // Light Denim Jacket - Forever 21 // Pink Chiffon Skirt - H&M // Burgundy Flats - H&M

When it comes to an outfit, I really do believe that the details are what make it. This skirt is bedazzled with crosses that have hearts/spades on the ends, and the top has a tiny zipper front pocket. From afar they're hardly noticeable, but upon closer inspection, the sparkles glam it all up. It's just a simple feminine touch.

College apps have me tearing my hair out, and I know that a lot of other seniors are feeling the same way. FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) is my dream school, and I hope that I'll be graced with an acceptance letter in the near future. Until then, I'll keep styling outfits while crying over college applications. 
Sounds pretty good.
Joomi Park.
instagram: @joomipark


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