We're all monsters living in a dream

We're All Monsters (The Maine Band Tee) - 8123  // High Low Light Tan Dress - Forever 21 // Burgundy Flats - H&M

I'm crowning myself Queen of Awkward Poses. Last Saturday I went to the Decatur Book Festival as extra credit for my Lit class. I honestly was expecting it to be a bit of a bore, but it was so much better than I thought it would be. The authors there were witty and inspiring, and I got some sweet deals on a couple of books! This shirt is my absolute favorite right now because it's extremely soft and "We're all monsters living in a dream." is my absolute favorite line from my absolute favorite song from The Maine: Forever Halloween. (I'm a bit obsessed.)

My Labor Day weekend pretty much consisted of the Decatur Book Festival and a date to the Georgia Aquarium, while everyone else went to the beach (my Instagram feed was sand after sand. And waves.) How was your Labor Day weekend? I'd love to read about it!
Joomi Park
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  1. I went shopping all 3 dayss.. hehe saturday gwinnett mall n bought 3 clothes, sunday i wrnt to MOG and DM and bought 2 cloyhes, and on labor day went back to MOG for my mom to buy the shoes that caught her eye the day before and looking at other shoes and printed leggings for me.. and studyig