Late Bloom

Floral Print Dress - Hollister // Loose Knit Sweater - Korea // Grey Helga Platforms - Deandri

Even though it's September, Georgia is stuck in summer weather. I decided to pull out some of my old dresses since I've been living in shorts these days. Pretty sure I bought this from Hollister back in 8th or 9th grade... it still fits me, so it shows how much I've grown in three years. It sort of makes me look like a fluffy cupcake, but oh well. My beautiful Helgas make up for it. I heard, "Oh my god, look at her shoes." about five times while walking around the mall. Odd thing is, I love it when people stop and stare. My mother, on the other hand, tends to walk a few feet away from me whenever I strut my stuff in these beauties.

My Instagram has been filled with pictures of New York Fashion Week. All my favorite fashion bloggers are there and I desperately want to be in their shoes. I guess it's just one more thing to add to my bucket list: "Attend NYFW before I hit my thirties."
Joomi Park.
instagram: @joomipark


  1. So Pretty! One day I will be in your Blog. Just 1 Day.