Road Trip Day 2

Top - Loose Chambray Button Up
Bottom - Tan Shorts (Hollister)
Shoes - Light Gray Converse High Tops

To start off the second day of the road trip, we headed to the Poe museum which was closed the day before. I didn't know what to expect, for the reviews were split right down the middle. It was actually quite informative and a bit eerie. We started off in the gift shop, where we got a self guided tour map. There were about five rooms all spread out but only one was in the main building. The rest were in separate buildings outside, and there was a spectacular garden smack dab in the middle. Overall it was very cool, but I don't think I would visit there again a second time.

We went right back on the road and passed through Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, and finally reached Canada around midnight. Out of all the states that we drove through, Pennsylvania has got to be my favorite. The scenery was magnificent. At one point I felt like I had plopped into a fairy tale because the endless hills and mountains of lush green were ever so entrancing. I'd definitely love to go back and spend a few days there.

Double rainbow in Pennsylvania!

It was pretty dark outside, so I didn't get to see Niagara Falls in all its glory at night. Our hotel was right next to a "Street of Fun" or something of that sort, so I got a taste of the night life there. We ate an extremely late dinner at a place called Kelsey's. Everyone needs to give them a try 'cause my taste buds were in heaven. There was also a live musician who had a voice like honey and was very interactive with the people out on the patio. He played songs like Layla and Hotel California and everything just felt right.

Can't wait to start on tomorrow's post!

Mille bisous,
Joomi Park.

instagram: @joomipark


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