Name That Animal

Top - Leopard(?) Print Muscle Tee (Forever 21)
Bottom - Acid Wash High Waisted Shorts (Forever 21)
Shoes - Tan Wedges (Payless)

After the Rottweiler print shirt from Givenchy became extremely popular, I found myself wanting a similar shirt but with a different animal printed on it because I'm not a huge dog person. I discovered this muscle tee at Forever 21 a while back, and I fell in love with this... animal. Haha, to be honest, I'm not sure what animal this is. A cheetah? Leopard? I've had countless debates on what it is. Regardless, it's absolutely lovely. It's actually quite revealing, so I slipped into a dark navy tank top. There's lace detailing on the front, so a bit of that peeks out from the side openings of my shirt. 

I went over to my friend's house today to bake a cake and meet her adorable little puppy. 

This is Cookie. My heart melted about five times today.
Poor thing was sick.

I never know how to end my blog posts.
Have a wonderful rest of your Thursday!

Mille bisous,
Joomi Park.

instagram: @joomipark


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